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Poster: Ole Uncle John Date: Mar 15, 2005 11:32am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Discuss: Evaluation Time for LMA Deriver (mp3, ogg generator)

The "Universal access" of Archives purpose statement is a commendable and difficult goal. With an interconnected world, the majority of which is still using dial-up connections, the inclusion of lossy formats to the Archive is essential. As a Boston area live music fan now working in the Middle East with a 56k connection that I pay for by the minute, I wouldn't have any "access" without lossy files. Of course I'd prefer shn and hope to replace my mp3 collection someday when I am back in the "land of the free and home of the broadband connection" but for now I'm grateful for the "access" that lossy provides.
I have also been introduced to artists who are new to me through this format. It's highly unlikely I ever would have invested precious connection time to sample these new artists if they weren't available in lossy. Thanks for the tip on the Mermen, Diana :)

I appreciate the attitude of VA_TAPER in a previous post who said: "One taper, here, who supports mp3/lossy versions of shows. For me its all about sharing the music on the artists terms not mine. They were kind enough to let me haul my equipment in to their shows, get me in early, etc., with the intent of me sharing them." His perspective is spot on as are several others tapers who are participating in this discussion. Unfortunately there are also some tapers of incredible self importance who mistakenly think they are the "thing" not the musicians who are positive towards lossy formats. Talk of a "strike" by these sorts is humorous as there will be plenty of "live music fans" to fill the gap.

I strongly support the inclusion of lossy formats in the Archive and appreciate further your integrity in clearly labeling same and allowing artists the opportunity to opt out.